Dear Blog,

I apologize profusely for not directing any creative juices in your general direction. What can I say, there are times when the happenings of daily life adjust the priorities of duties and activities. I realize that I should spend more time fine tuning my writing skills, an activity to which you are well suited. I also see that allowing you to stagnate reflects poorly on my own character, and that is unfortunate.

It may please you to know that I recently visited several dojos in and around the Bay Area, and had an excellent time training with a variety of Aikido teachers. My friend and former roommate Greg, who was on his way to philadelphia to accept a Teach For America position, accompanied me. After our brief stint in the Bay Area, we went to Yosemite for a short, but extremely fulfilling day hike up to Nevada and Vernal falls along the very aptly named Mist Trail.

Naturally, I took several pictures to catalog my adventures, and they are, as usual posted in my gallery. Perhaps viewing them will ameliorate, to some degree, the feelings of neglect I have caused.

I remain your friend and confidant,

Gabriel Guzman