19 April 2006


Little yellow Peeps,

Sugar covered Easter fare

Marshmallow goodness

11 April 2006

Workplace Haiku

a new day begins

the ringing phones my soundtrack

welcome back to work

7 April 2006

Workplace Fib




not so


as a manager.

my skills need some development.

i was once a geek,

that was cake




2 March 2006

Workplace Haiku

sitting in my chair

my lower back begins to ache

i will go to lunch

8 March 2006

Workplace Haiku

In the conference room

Powerpoint on the big screen

Trying not to sleep

13 March 2006

Webmaster Haiku

My photo pages

They all seem to be broken

I wonder what’s wrong

Workplace Haiku

by myself at work

all my people called in sick

what, oh what to do

28 February 2006

Workplace Haiku

In my cubicle

Corporate life not for me

Time to retire

23 November 2005

Bee Haiku

always remember

death can come at any time

even from a bee